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Springtime in the era of …….

Springtime in the era of …….

I'm sick of saying it. Yup, Covid, Corona, Lockdown, quarantine….whatev.  So I am sure I am not the only one who’s ass might be getting a bit chapped from all the facets revolving around the current situation.  I’m not saying that I don’t understand and have respect for the needed precautions. Nor am I going to strap my massive Super Soaker around my neck in protest(Hey….it’s the biggest piece of firepower that I own). But I am feeling a bit tired and stressed from life in current form.  So what are we to do?  I for one am spending more time in the garden.  It serves many purposes. I can get some of my frustrations out pulling nasty weeds from where they are not supposed to be. I can get my cardio in chasing furry bucked toothed squirrels away from my tulips and azaleas. God knows my cat is laying down on the job. Literally. I can build up some serious muscle mass lugging heavy bags of soil and planting bushes. And once the day is done I can cut some of those beauties, bring them inside, put them in a vase and pat myself on the back for some much needed spirit uplifting. 

So,  all in all gardening is the way to go during these unforeseen times!  Happy planting.

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  • Thomas McTaggart
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