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Spring, what does it mean?

Spring, what does it mean?

With the first full day of Spring upon us I ask what does it really mean?  We all know that the Spring Equinox is the day where the sun is directly above the Equator and the day is equally long in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Ok kinda cool. Also kinda clinical as well. What does it mean to you though?

Although I enjoy all of the seasons and  what they offer, Spring is a time for anticipation and renewal. Just as the snake sheds its skin to make room  for growth and the replacement of the old and worn, Spring offers us the same. The days get longer, the birds migrate and sing louder, the flowers begin to show us their cheer with bright uplifting colors and our taxes our due.  Ok, forget the last one. With Spring we can shed the cold and long dark nights, worn out socks and endless cups of hot tea for some gardening gloves(what?, I have delicate hands) and cultivate our own new beginning. Planting some flowers, veggies or herbs gives the sense of anticipation and accomplishment. Even if you don’t feel like much of gardener at the moment Spring can still offer a wealth of positives. Just enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that are around you should put some caffeine in your coffee. Looking from a more spiritual and reflective perspective Spring offers an uplifting outlook of vibrancy, warmth, growth and change. I am excited. Are you?

Feel free to tell me what it means to you!

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  • Thomas McTaggart
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