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Some Ideas to Cure the Blahs of Late

Some Ideas to Cure the Blahs of Late

With the shortening of the days ahead of us and Covid restrictions ramping up yet again one might start to feel a bit discouraged and less enthusiastic towards the near future.  I do agree that I feel on occasion some fatigue from the year overall and watching the sun go down at 4:30 does drain me and make me just want to watch Seinfeld reruns for a week or so. I love Seinfeld, but that might be a bit much. SO ….what to do?  My love of nature and gardening keeps me going throughout the growing season, but the rabbits have eaten the last of my lettuce and most of the leaves have fallen.  Ok then. By the way there is a coupon code at the end for 25% off any items at TulipandTable.com

Well, we can still enjoy the positive benefits of gardening in winter.  Can’t we? First off we can plan what we would like to do next year in the spring. That may include buying some bulbs to plant now in anticipation of their spring color fest.  For me, thinking about the crocus pushing through the frosted ground or the kaleidoscope of tulips making themselves known is a good start.  Another possibility might be creating layout plans for an added bed or additions to an existing one already in place.  Maybe the thought of the bright white blooms of the Snow Queen Hydrangea gracing the corner of your garage bed might be the ticket. George may say eh...it’s just a bush.  But Kramer would definitely reply with, now George!.... this is no ordinary shrub!  This is a Snow Queen. She’s a queen indeed!

Another up lifter could be grabbing that dusty vase from the cabinet or buying a new one if you are looking for something different and creating a winter arrangement. You can grab a bunch of flowers at the market and let your inner artist appear or there are a plethora of options from nature itself.  Some berry laden Holly and tall leafless branches could add some pop to your table. If that is not up your alley maybe the variegated foliage of Accuba and some tall Coneflower seed heads from your garden would give that new vase what it needs.

A third possibility for a winter gardening uplift might be to fill up that bird feeder and watch nature from inside.  There are lots of birds that stick around for the winter; such as Cardinals, various Finches, Blue Jays, Chickadees, etc...Not only are they fun to watch they also most likely will appreciate the offering. If all else fails flipping through the pages of a gardening magazine or catalog either in hand or online for some inspiration might do the trick.  One never knows what may come to mind and bring some sunlight to your winter days.

If you have any special activities that you do to cheer up those short winter days please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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