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Conquer the Winter Blahs

Conquer the Winter Blahs

Sitting here  writing this article I look out the window and I must say that the dull gray skies are not very enlivening in the least. I realize that it is winter in the Mid Atlantic but jeez, the day in day out struggle of gloom can really wear on one’s soul and energy level.  I will be the first to admit that on more than one occasion this has zapped the smile right off my face. SO... what are we to do?

Gardening my friends...gardening.  But it’s winter you say! Even though it is the dead of winter and in many locales the blooms of spring are months away there are any number of things that we can do to put a proverbial sun in the sky.  Let’s create a simple arrangement with what is in the yard. By simply gathering some cuttings of both evergreen and deciduous plants that may be either in your yard or on a simple walk in the woods you can create quite an uplifting collection.  For example, some White Pine branches combined with any variegated evergreen broad leaf such as Acuba or even the dreaded English Ivy and maybe some Holly branches with berries will create the base for your super dooper concoction. For some height add in one or two  or three longer deciduous branches and place either at the center, sides of the arrangement or at a triangle formulation if you chose three. This will not only give you the height, but also some interest with the bare branches and a bit of structure as well. If your arrangement still needs a bit of your own personal pizazz add a stray Christmas ball or two or maybe some colorful ribbon.  There you go. Not only did you accomplish something that will make you feel better on these gloomy days , but you will get a cheery feeling every time you look at it too!

And the most important thing of all, “Don’t be afraid to Fuck It Up!”

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  • Thomas McTaggart
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